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Shishyopayana samskara 2019-20

Monday, 25th November 2019 9am

Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College will celebrate its 18th batch Shishyopanayana Samskara, official induction ceremony to welcome the new under and post graduate scholars on 25th November in Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College Auditorium at 9am. The Sanskrit word Shishyopanayanam indicates a ritual that one undergoes when beginning a formal course of study.

Indian tradition gives importance to every event of the life. In Indian system of education the students are inducted for learning various branches of knowledge in the Gurukula under certain Guru. For this the Upanayana ceremony will be organized and in this ceremony the disciple will admitted to the Gurukula till the completion of the education.

Dr. Jayagovinda Ukkinadka, renowned physician at Ukkinadkas Ayurveda, Sahasraksha Vaidya Shala, Ukkinadka, Kasargod will be present as a chief guest to the function.

On the same day freshers day will also be witnessed.


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