Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College

Started in the year 2002-2003

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The College


Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College Hospital is under the flagship of Karnataka Charitable and Educational Society (KECT). The college was established in the year 2002 and since then has been the one and only Ayurveda College in Mangalore. The college has a well-equipped and fully fledged hospital with Out Patient Department (OPD) as well as In Patient Department (IPD). The hospital houses 200 beds for In-patients through which the students are clinically trained. Panchakarma Therapy, Ksharasutra Therapy and other treatment procedures combined with consultation by specialist Doctors and equipped with all the modern diagnostic equipment are attached to the hospital.


Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College comprises of full-time dedicated and highly qualified staff members including experienced personnel in rare branches of Ayurveda such as Svashavritta, Manasaroga, Samitha and Roganidana. The college has a pharmacy with highly modernized equipment and caters to the needs of the college hospital.  

The college has a well maintained Herbal Garden spread over 05 Acres of land and consists of exquisite collection more than 500 species of rare herbs, plants and trees. The management and staff at Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College are sincerely committed to impart high quality Ayurveda education along with moral standards.

The college has its own building which is equipped with well-furnished museums, laboratories, class rooms, audio-visual aids and library. A well-established Pharmacy with Research and development facilities manufacturing Ayurveda Medicines for both educational and commercial purposes is situated at Baikampady Industrial Area, Mangalore.

At Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College it is our vision to groom a cadre of high quality Ayurveda Healthcare Specialists and offer them back to society to nurture the healthcare needs of the community. Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College is approved by Government of Karnataka & Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi and is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.