Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College

Started in the year 2002-2003

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The college is enriched with a well furnished hospital at Ashoknagar, Mangalore and has Out Patient Department (OPD), In Patient Department (IPD), Panchakarma Therapy, Ksharasutra therapy, other treatment procedures,consultation by specialist Doctors with all the Modern diagnostic equipments attached to the Hospital.


Speciality treatment procedures available at KAMC Hospital


Vamana - Emesis therapy Benefits: Helps in purification of the body by eliminating the toxins produced by free radicals. Cures the ailments like skin diseases, asthma, elephantiasis, sinusitis, diabetes, purpura, hemorrhoids, goiter, epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, anasarca, anaemia, obesity, erysipelas etc.

Virechana - Purgation therapy Benefits: Cures the ailments like skin manifestations, pyrexia,diabetes, purpura, fistula in ano, hemorrhoids, splenic disorders, hydrocele, hernia, tumor etc.

Basti - Medicated enema therapy Benefits: Quadriplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, monoplegia, chronic constipation, muscular dystrophy, paraesthasia, hyperaesthasia, anaesthasia, worm infestation, SLE, connective tissue disorders, colics, fistula, parkinsonism, convulsions, calcanial spur, spondylosis, facial paralysis, Gouty arthritis, urinary calculi etc.

Nasya - Errhine therapy (Nasal drops) Benefits: Spondylosis, eye diseases, disorders like sinusitis and other disorders related to Ear, Nose and Throat etc.

Raktamokshana- Blood – letting therapy Benefits: chronic ulcers, neurological disorders, gout, skin manifestations, ascitis, erysipelas, carbuncles, boils, elephantiasis, hernia, disorders of ENT, eye diseases, anasarca, epilepsies, psychiatric disorders etc.
Surgical Procedures:

Ksharasutra - Non surgical Threading therapy for fistula-in-ano
Ksharalepana – Topical application of medicine for hemorroids, warts, keloids, carbuncles etc.
Other Therapies:

  • Abhyanga - Oil massage therapy
  • Swedana - Sudation therapy
  • Sarvangadhara - Topical therapy
  • Pinda Sweda - Specialized sudation therapy
  • Shirodhara - Anti-stress therapy
  • Avagaha - Sauna bath
  • Akshitarpana - Therapy for eyes
  • Shirobasti - Specific therapy for cranial disorders
  • Karnapoorana - Medicated oleation for ears
  • Udvartana - Powder massage

- Rejuvenative procedures  
- Virilification and aphrodisiac procedures  
 - Non medicinal treatment


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